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Cleaning out my Closet
ouji, kodona

I am cleaning out my closet of things I never wear or plan to wear again. 

Off-brand Blouse, has lots of frills and ruffles. Only worn once, first owner. 40$

Angelic Pretty Blouse, 100$ usd Only worn once, second owner.

Bodyline Apron skirt/ JSK, 40$, second owner, never worn beyond trying it on for the "lulz"

Long candy violet skirt, sized M, corset top, 30$

Off-Brand Wa-Lolita, the obi-belt needs a new cord but other than that everything is perfect, only worn twice. Includes matching headdress, 75$

Bodyline OP, 30$ usd, I broke the zipper and replaced it with a barely working one, also there is a makeup stain on the underskirt. Hence the very cheap price. 

Red/white socks, not OTK, 5$ usd

Not lolita but could work for Visual Kei (that's what I use it for), I bought it brand new and only worn it twice. 100$ usd, I have a medium waist cincher that goes with it, add an extra 60$ for it. 

Here's a pic of a friend wearing the complete set: